ALISTAIR, my book-lovin’ boo

COUSIN DIANE, iced tea poured but not pictured

HEAD TRAUMA STEPHEN, POST-MAKE-OUT, dearest, darling, dead

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Anyone who reblogs this will get a Bob Benson/James Wolk picture in their inbox.



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“Surprise, motherfucker!”

Little-known fact: there’s someone sitting in a chair behind Doakes in this scene…AND IT’S ME

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If you think the coincidences between Lincoln and JFK are crazy, wait til you get a load of the mind boggling coincidences between Paul F Tompkins and Jeff Goldblum!

Paul F Tompkin’s full name is Paul Francis Tompkins
Jeff Goldblum’s full name is Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum
Paul Francis = 11 letters
Jeffrey Lynn = 11 letters
Tompkins = 8 letters
Goldblum = 8 letters
Paul Francis Tompkins = 19 letters
Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum = 19 letters

Both men were born in Pennsylvania

Both men were born in the fall

Both men’s fathers were doctors.

Paul F Tompkins started performing comedy at the age of 17
Jeff Goldblum moved to New York to pursue acting at the age of 17

Paul F Tompkins has 2 degrees of separation with Kevin Bacon
Jeff Goldblum has 2 degrees of separation with Kevin Bacon

Paul F Tompkins has gone on record as loving all Wes Anderson films
Jeff Goldblum has appeared in a Wes Anderson film

Jeff Godlblum has gone on record as loving all PT Anderson films
Paul F Tompkins has appeared in a PT Anderson film.

Paul F Tompkins’ wife Janie Haddad is 5’5” according to imdb
Jeff Godblum’s first wife Patricial Gual is 5’5”

Jeff Goldblum was in the movie “The Fly”
Paul F Tompkins always looks fly in his fancy suits.

Both men will live to be 68yrs old.
Both men will die by ingesting poison.

Paul F Tompkins’ manager is named Jeff
Jeff Goldblum’s manager is named Paul

Paul F Tompkins has a magnificent mustache
Jeff Goldblum’s first child will be named Mustache

In a past life Paul F Tompkins was Abraham Lincoln
In a past life Jeff Goldblum was John F Kennedy

Spooky right??? Is it all just a coincidence or is there a freaky connection between these two? I guess we’ll never know.

Don’t try to double check any of my facts, they’re all true, just trust me.


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Joanie <3

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jerkstore: they're taking the hobbits to isengard!

After some light Googling, I came across Engrish subtitles of a boot-leg version of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

There’s not much I can say about it… other than that it’s absolutely fantastic.

What it says: too long i wanted my sister

What it should say: Too long have you…

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COURTESY the famous speed-muralist Joe Pagac and the Official Hodgmanians of Facebook

HERE IS A CLOSE UP of the amazing 8X12 foot mural that Joe speed-painted directly behind us on stage as John Roderick and I were performing for the people of TUCSON. 

AS YOU CAN SEE, Roderick and I are doing pretty well in our battle against Cthulhu. But we will all fall to the DOGSTORM. 

BUT DON’T LET this sad news blind you to the brilliance of Pagac, who rhymes with “Magic.” When JoRo and I took the stage, this canvas was TOTALLY BLANK. 

I left this mural behind as a gift to the city of Tucson, and I WILL NOT REST UNTIL IT IS HANGING IN CITY HALL. 

That is all. 

I try to avoid namedropping, EVEN IN FACEBOOK MESSAGES, but I totally met this muralist that night, was extremely impressed, and as a result am willing to run for elected office just to aid the long-term goal of seeing this in our city hall. I DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHERE OUR CITY HALL IS.

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I&#8217;m kind of worried that this is an unpopular opinion.

I’m kind of worried that this is an unpopular opinion.

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     How I Met Your Mother 3.01 - “Wait For It”

I cannot&#8212;nay, I WILL NOT&#8212;look away.


     How I Met Your Mother 3.01 - “Wait For It”

I cannot—nay, I WILL NOT—look away.

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